About the Artist and Prints

MoxxiFoxxy is a illustration company based in Grand Rapids, MI. Designs are based off a variety of ideas with a focus on incorporating flowers. Products currently available are in a variety of sizes. If you require a size not listed please feel free to contact us at the above contact link.

A number of years ago Kristi, the creator of MoxxiFoxxy, ordered a print of a watercolor piece, paying a hefty sum for it up front. However when receiving it she was dismayed at the quality of the paper as it was flimsy and thin. That was the point she decided when she would sell prints she would look for the highest quality paper, to really give the print in your hands weight. 

All prints are made in house by the artist herself using only the most archival options. All prints are printed on acid free cold press paper made from 100% wood pulp. Paper is at a 88# weight giving it a feeling of a print worth paying for. Being cold press paper it gives the print a fantastic textured look and feel. Each print is printed and reviewed for quality, only allowing the best possible results to make it to the mailing phase. 

Look forward to new prints added almost weekly as well as different products as this company grows.

If you have any ideas for prints or questions at all please feel free to reach out by clicking the contact button above.