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One Sheet Tattoo Film

If instructed to use only one sheet of tattoo film for healing, follow the below instructions for the removal of your tattoo film 3-5 days from date of tattoo. Skip steps for applying second sheet and go straight to after film care instructions. 

one sheet tattoo film
two sheet

Two Sheet Tattoo Film

Terminology: Tattoo Film :clear sticky sheet applied to the tattoo area and left for protection during the healing process. 


First layer of tattoo film will be applied in the shop to the client. This first piece remains for 24-48 hours. If the tattoo experiences excessive liquid build up under the film, a shorter time frame is acceptable. 

**If tattoo leak from bandage wipe excess AWAY from tattoo film-wiping towards could push contamination up into covered area**

Removal of tattoo film

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly to clean them-if you need to touch anything during the process (example: sink handle, ect) please use a clean towel to avoid contaminating your hands.

Step 2: To remove film either take a warm (not hot) shower or run under water warm in the sink. 

Step 3: Once your body temperature rises begin pulling the film down like a command strip to release it SLOWLY and gently, going too quickly can damage your top layer of skin. 

 **Tip: If the film is stuck, use a small amount of unscented gentle soap to loosen the adhesive.**


Step 4: Once the film is off, clean the tattoo with unscented gentle soap with clean hands. 

Step 5: Once film is removed and tattoo is cleaned-allow body temperature to lower from the warm shower, allow tattoo to dry well. 

Apply the second layer of tattoo film with clean hands, peeling the backer off first, apply, then remove top film. 

Application tip: Make sure the film goes at least a quarter inch around the tattoo area.


Leave your second layer of tattoo film on for 3-5 days.

Remove the second layer as directed above.


Once off begin lotion regularly, whenever it feels dry or looks flaky. 

Tips: Lotion should be free of any non natural fragrances 

Apply a thin layer of lotion to the point where no excess can be wiped off, thicker than that is too thick as it can become a barrier for bacteria to live in.

Common Tattoo Film Questions

Tattoo film is a transparent matte film adhesive bandage. Tattoo film offers maximum breathability and flexibility, providing optimal conditions for gentle healing and skin renewal. It eliminates scabbing and reduces the risk of scarring, while preventing exposure to bacteria, dirt, and abrasion. Tattoo film is waterproof, but permeable to allow skin perspiration, and it is durable enough to keep up with your everyday activities.  It works by locking in your body’s natural healing fluids so your tattoo stays hydrated and heals quickly and efficiently with no scabbing and reduced scarring. Another perk—because it is breathable, you can wear it for several days at a time while your tattoo heals.  This allows you to skip out on the frequent washing and ointment applying involved with traditional tattoo aftercare.

Please notify your artist if you have an allergy to adhesives - if so, Derm Shield is NOT recommended for you.


Don’t poke the bubbles under the tattoo film-doing so can cause raptors in the film allowing contamination inside.

Don’t expose new tattoo to direct sunlight or uv light 


Film can cause irritation or cause reaction to sensitive skin or in areas where the skin bends frequently. If it becomes EXCESSIVELY itchy/red/or swollen remove film and revert to traditional healing methods. Icing can be used to alleviate itching. 

common question film

Traditional tattoo aftercare

1. Remove bandage in a CLEAN bathroom after 2-3 hours. Bandage may be left on overnight if it feels comfortable and secure. If the bandage is removed on the first night, the tattoo may stick to or stain bed sheets. Maintain clean bedding throughout the healing process (about 2 weeks).

2. After removing bandage, wash the tattoo immediately with warm water and soap. We recommend plain Dial soap out of a pump bottle. No soap with fragrance moisture beads or scrubs.


  • Carefully remove bandage and tape

  • Make a lather in your hand with soap and warm water

  • Gently clean tattoo using a circular motion, until all ointment, blood, and lymphatic fluid are removed

  • Rinse the tattoo and wash once again, gently, until the skin is clean

  • a hair dryer on the ‘cool’ setting may be used; a clean paper towel may also be used to dab the tattoo dry

3. Only use CLEAN HANDS to wash your tattoo. NO washcloths, bath towels, bath sponges or loofahs on a fresh tattoo.

4. Once the tattoo is dry apply AQUAPHOR healing ointment, made by Eucerin. Apply a thin layer and rub it in, then dab excess off with a clean paper towel. Use the Aquaphor for the first 2-3 days then switch to a regular FRAGRANCE FREE lotion such as Lubriderm, or any other fragrance free brand.

5. Fresh tattoos sometimes “weep” during the first couple of days, meaning that plasma and ink form a thin moist coating on the skin. This can be DABBED with a clean paper towel. Press the paper towel to the skin and remove. Do not wipe the tattoo or be rough with it. Do not panic when you see the colors of the tattoo on the paper towel, or on your hands as you clean it. This is simply excess ink being sloughed from the surface or the skin.

6. Once a day, in the shower, is usually enough cleaning for any new tattoo. Consult your artist if you plan to do any strenuous activity within the first ten day of having your tattoo. Lotion may be applied to the tattoo as it dries out; however if your skin is extremely sensitive, lotion may cause acne- like break outs. This can be taken care of by reducing the number of lotion applications per day.

7. Wear loose, preferably cotton clothing over the fresh tattoo. The tattoo need not be rebandaged except in certain, rare instances. A bra strap, tight waistband, sweaty gym shoe or itchy cotton sweater can potentially create healing problems. Consult your tattoo artist for advice on what clothing to wear/avoid. If you choose to re-bandage your tattoo after washing be sure that only sterile bandages are used.

8. After a few days, the tattoo will begin to form flaky scabs that will fall off on their own. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO. Keep it moisturized and the scabs will slough eventually. Once again, they will be the color of the tattoo. It normally takes 2-4 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal.

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